Refrigerator Storage Drawer

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Only will fit refrigerators with a shelf thickness .5" or thinner, this is most refrigerators. Please check your refrigerator before ordering. Large heavy items may cause the shelf to sag.

Now you can gain back the wasted space inside your refrigerator! By simply sliding on the storage drawer you can utilize the upper gap and increase your storage space to accommodate more food. The drawer's width is adjustable to allow you to accommodate different side items simply by sliding them apart. The shelf is dishwasher safe and is the perfect storage solution outside of the refrigerator also. 


  • Check refrigerator size requirements
  • Utilize the upper gap of the fridge
  • Gain back the wasted space
  • Adjustable width size



I absolutely love this bag, is perfect for travel or even just at home when you don’t have anywhere to put anything. Is very strong and made with very good quality


Already putting it to use. Classy, Spacious and durable!

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